Oct.26th. I was born in Cincinnati Ohio, where I became a staff musician at King Records by the time I was 15. I then toured the world with Hank Ballard, & Marva Whitney, before joining the hardest working man in show business Mr. James Brown. I then went on to play with George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, and also fronted my own band, Bootsy's Rubber Band. I then met Bill Laswell and recorded with lots of Artist like Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards, Cyndie Lauper, Ice Cube, Africa Bambaataa, and others. Then out of the clear blue, I recieved a video in the mail in 1990 and it was from a guy with a Bucket on his head who called himself BucketHead. So I said alright the LSD is kicking back in on me so I'm going all the way with it. I told the Total Psycho to come on in and we recorded his first Album called: BucketHeadLand. We recorded his first album at my home in the woods which reminded us both that we were in Jurassic Park. This was my first home studio called the "Metal-Ward". I also felt like I was in the woods with a Cereal Killer being with this very strange guy with a Bucket on his head. Actually I felt right at home. Then once I recorded Buckethead, I saw another Boot-signal in the sky and it was Dee-Lite. We recorded, "Groove Is In The Heart". Did the video and took that show all around the world for the funk. Those were some of my best times in life other than traveling across country in a station wagon full of Funkadelic's and Lady Freaks wanting to ride along just for the funk of it. Yep, we got plenty funked up! I hooked up with Snoop Dogg, the Chilli Pepper's, Phil Ramone, Eddie Krammer, Buddy Miles, you name um, but then a little space & time passed and all of a sudden I along with Parliament/Funkadelic, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. I Got my first Grammy in 2002 with my friend "FatBoySlim" (Weapon of Choice), I Peed on Myself. My latest release is entitled "Tha-Funk-Capital-Of-The World." 
Teaming up with Dr.Cornel West, Ice Cube, Dennis Chambers, Sheila E., Steve Jordan, Musiq Soulchild, Snoop Dogg, Chuck D, Bernie Worrell, Bela Fleck, Bobby Womack, Samuel L. Jackson, The Catfish, Rev. Al Sharpton, Frankie Kash, Razor Sharp, Hendrix Experience, George Clinton, Victor Wooten, Garry Shider, Jimi Hendrix, George Duke, Ron Carter, Phil Ade, Raheem DeVaughn,BucketHead, Swavay, CandiSweetz, Razzberry, Zion-Planet-10, Paul Patterson & the Bootzilla Orchestra, Fred Wesley & the Nasty Nati Horns, The Upper Room Choir, and some other amazing Magical Musicians & Entertainers. Thanks to all my Funkateers for all of your help and support to get the funk this far. IT'S OFFICIAL, FAMILY APPROVED, ONE NATION, UNDER A GROOVE!