Greening & Sustainability

Thank you for supporting the Bear Creek Greening Program. Five year ago, we began an expanded recycling program that includes glass, mixed plastic, aluminum, and cardboard/paperboard. Working with the Suwannee County High School’s Environmental Club under the leadership of sponsor Amy Hendry, four years ago Bear Creek began an educational partnership that has blossomed through other festivals held at the Park. This partnership has become a cornerstone of our sustainability program!

Thank you for helping create our collective successes and please continue to support the program though properly sorting your refuse!

There’s a lot more we can do together to make Bear Creek and the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park ecological. Conserve packaging and water! We will be selling Bear Creek commemorative and re-usable plastic pint glasses that you can refill when you buy beer. And as always, you are allowed to bring in empty water bottles to hydrate. If you must use bottled water, finish all of it and place the cap back on the bottle!

What else can we do?

  • Carpool! Use the Bear Creek Facebook page to organize ride shares. Meet new friends and save the planet at the same time!
  • Volunteer! Our new in-house program, the Suwannee Ticket Exchange Program (STEP), is the next evolution of the park’s incredible relationship with the festival and local community.
  • Visit the Green Team tent to learn more about composting, recycling, materials, and anything else we could strike up conversation about!
  • Look for the Green Team handing out clear bags for recycling within the festival, and make sure to help keep the ground looking clean and beautiful.