Layaway Payment Plan


Layaway Payment Plan

For the first time, Bear Creek is offering an EZ Pay Payment Plan that allows guests the opportunity to spread their ticket order payment out over a period of 5 months or 5 equal payments. On the day you purchase your ticket, your credit card will be charged 1/5th of your ticket fee. Every 30 days for the next five months, your card will be charged the same amount. For example, the $115 early-bird three day ticket will be billed at $23.00 a month for 5 months.

EZ Payment Plan Rules
There are no refunds on the EZ Pay Payment Plan . Default on payments will result in loss of deposit and cancellation of your order, however if a payment is declined you will be granted a 10-day window to reply to our inquiry with updated payment info. We will contact you with in the first week of the month if your payment does not go through. All payments are AUTOMATICALLY billed to card used for your deposit. You cannot make manual payments. If you need to update your payment info or billing info, then please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Photo by Greg Aiello