A panel of expert musicologists recently formulated an intricate mathematical equation in order to define the phenomenon that a new super-group based out of New Orleans has been creating:

+ Nikki Glaspie (drums / vocals)

+ Nigel Hall  (keys / vocals)

+ Nick Cassarino (guitar / vocals)

+ Nate Edgar (bass)

+ Weedie Braimah_(percussion)

=  The Nth Power

Seeing the newest, hottest musical project known as The Nth Power perform live is going to change your life. They will inspire you to dance, groove, make love, or just stand there with goose bumps. It is extremely challenging to define exactly what single type of music that The Nth Power represents and what musical genre they should be classified in. They will grab your attention and your imagination, taking you on a euphoric space cruise that visits the planets known as Funk, Jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B, Gospel and World-Beat.

Very few bands currently pack as much punch and spirit in a four-piece, all-analog ensemble as The Nth Power. Here is their recipe: Start with Nikki Glaspie’s deep pocket, remarkable chops, incredible feel and sexy vocals. Next, mix in Nigel Hall’s energetic and soulful vocals and his innate ability to shred any keyboard-based instrument. Then add Nick Cassarino’s fluent rhythm guitar vocabulary, infatuating solos and magnetic vocals with Nate Edgar’s miraculous ability of holding down the deepest bass lines while simultaneously treating his listeners to wicked melodic fills. They have also recently added percussionist and Afro-Cuban drum specialist Weedie Braimah to the lineup, making the rhythm and sound more wicked than ever.

The four N’s (Nikki/Nigel/Nick/Nate) all unanimously claim that they would rather play music together than do anything else in the world right now. When all the N’s find themselves together in the same room with their instruments in their hands, an overwhelming wave of love, passion, excitement, and creativity fills the air. To be a part of this vibe is a unique transformational and inspirational opportunity.

Each member of The Nth Power currently plays in a multitude of other professional music endeavors including Dumpstaphunk, Warren Haynes, Lettuce, Soulive, John Brown’s Body, Big Daddy Kane and Jennifer Hartswick, Toubab Krewe to name a few.  However, the magnitude of positive responses and encouragement that have followed The Nth Power’s recent debut performances is incomparable and insurmountable to any other music project they have ever been in. They are completely prepared to take this new project to the highest level of musical achievement and accomplishment possible.