Space Capone is the brainchild of artist Aaron Winters. He started writing songs in his teens and making music that many would consider “blue-eyed soul.” Like all great artists, his writing, recording and live performances grew into much more as he took ownership and found his own direction. He ultimately found inspiration from listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, and Bill LaBounty. Aaron wanted his stage name to embody a persona that was larger than life. In 2008, with the completion of his first record under the name Space Capone, that idea came to life.

Space Capone has become a collective of phenomenal musicians, much like in the Motown days, that share in Aaron’s passion for classic R&B but also bring their own elements to the table.

A few of the many milestones for Space Capone have been: performing at major festivals like Bonnaroo, ACL, Milwaukee’s Summferst, and Hangout Fest; charting in the CMJ Top 20 at Radio; and collaborating with Jerry Hey on the latest Space Capone album.  Jerry arranged music for artists like Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, and Toto.

In the addition to the above successes, Space Capone joined forces with the non-profit “Notes For Notes” which gives free studio time and lessons to under privileged kids. “We’ve even let some of these teens open for us, and they always nail it,” Aaron says, “It’s important for us to help the process of making music available for everyone. You never know what struggles some of the kids go through and how making music can change their perspective.”