Visual Art

We are proud to announce and welcome the 2013 Bear Creek Visual Artists to this year's festival. Please stop by the art gallery and check out this incredibly colorful and creative installation.

MarcPaperScissor Bio:

MarcPaperScissor is a Florida based artist, illustrator, graphic designer, creative director, musician, and Frisbee thrower. He works in many mediums but is best known for his work with cut paper, hence the name “MarcPaperScissor” He has worked with Bear Creek creating the Giant 14 ft tall Bear Creek Interactive art installation in 2011 and designed the 2012 VIP passes.



Carrie Curtis Bio:


Carrie Curtis is a Folk Artist residing in the Beautiful French Quarter.A Pirate's Alley Artist that show's her work and paint's live  daily in the heart of NOLA. 

Carrie has been a part of the Bear Creek Music and Art Visual Art program for the past 6 year's.


Carrie has also shown at :

Jambando/Orlando 2008 thru 2012, Bonnaroo Music Festival 2007/2008/2009/2010,

Sunfest Palm Beach 2012,Langerado Music Festival 2005/2006/2007/2008 Festival.

Just to name a few.


Many Thank's to everyone that has supported Bear Creek Music and Art Festival.

Bless Up.


Bean Spence Bio:


Bean Spence is a self -taught doodler that enjoys creating art out of anything and everything. 

His creativity is inspired from his love of art and music!  Bean works with a variety of mediums and his current passion is to paint in 3D....where paintings come to life!!   He  has been  going to the Spirit of the Suwanee Music park for the past 14 years and has participated at the Bear Creek, Magnolia, Spring and Wanee Music Festivals. Bean has been a contributing artist for many of the stage backgrounds and visual installations at  the Wanee music festivals. He has also provided the CD art work for fan favorites The Applebutter Express and COPE. Check out his artwork at the Mellow Mushroom Tampa, Nomadic State of Mind and in the soon to be released DVD  Molly and the Hoola Monsters.  


Brian Barnard Bio:


Brian Barnard.

"I am a North Florida native who has been creating art for as long as I can remember.  However, I did not start painting until I was in college at FSU, where I received a BFA with an emphasis in drawing and painting in 2004.  For the last four years I have been using concerts and music festivals as inspiration for my live art.  Blending diverse elements and themes into my colorful, abstracted surreal creations allows me to connect with my audience on a basic subconscious level. Our collective consciousness, the minds eye and nature are frequent themes in my work."





Bonnie Goodson Bio:


Bonnie Goodson is an artist born and raised in the heart of Mississippi. Since discovering live painting as an outlet for her constant flow of inspiration, she's been traveling and painting live at music festivals and cultural gatherings across the US.



Bonnie's art celebrates the complexities in the world around us, embracing the grey areas amongst all of the black and white. Drawing inspiration from graffiti, naturally occurring pattern, shape, and color, classical painting, dreamscapes, and the female form, she feels her work is derived from her subconscious, visions even she is still unaware of until they take shape on canvas. She rarely has patience to sketch or plan her work, and even with some strategy, it's all a mystery unfolding at the tip of her paintbrush. By the time she feels she has listened to the canvas, and the image is complete, then she realizes the story she's been asked to tell. Bonnie allows herself to simply be a tool for channeling the message of the Spirit present within all of us. 


Painting is when I feel closest to God. It is when I can feel the connection between all of us. This is my offering to the world, and I am so deeply grateful for the opportunity to show you this. 


Christian Jaxtheimer Bio:


Christian Jaxtheimer's creative endeavors fall in two paths that constantly overlap. As a fine artist, Christian puts a futuristic tribal spin on the classic divine feminine icon, mixing bold line work, graphic patterns and color schemes, with soft supple feminine forms. He creates tomorrows artifacts. His other passion is SNRGdsgn, a design company that satisfies his more concept driven side. While his preferred medium is both screen printed posters and apparel, you will find his work representing bands and festivals in print and digital forms across the U.S. and beyond.


Emily Kell Bio:


Emily Kell was born in Alexandria, VA and has been making art since she could hold a brush. She graduated from SCAD Savannah in 2012 with a degree in painting, and a minor in creative writing. Since then, she has been on the road showcasing her art at music festivals, art bazaars, and gallery shows. Some recent shows and festivals include Gratifly Music and Arts Festival, Alex Grey Visionary Arts Fair, ASOVA visionary arts Bazaar, and CAVA's Emerging Light showcase.  She is based out of Savannah but spends most of her time traveling. She does live painting at concerts and festivals, as well as freelance design work. She intends to spread love and awareness through her artwork, and to give form to the ineffable joy of life.

Emily Kell

310 East Park Avenue

Savannah, GA 31401




Kevin Odenedo Bio:


ODENEDO is a contemporary visual artist whose style encompasses a variety of subject matter and themes, self-described as "Abstractadelicaturistic". Along with consistent dedication early on, to long hours spent in the studio he has become quite passionate about painting during live music performances, fueled by a lifelong obsession with rhythm. With well over a decades worth of festival appearances from east coast to west coast and many painting adventures in between and overseas, he remains continually grateful to be able to share his love of art and music with the world, one canvas at a time. 



Andrew Wagner Bio:

My name is Andrew Wagner. I am a visionary artist based out of Georgia.

rtist Statement:
Thoughtform: a being or object which is created through willpower, visualization, attention and focus, concerted intentionally and ritually. In other words it is a materialized thought that has taken physical form.

In between our reality and the next exists an ethereal plane. Its presence bleeds through into this one in the form of dreams. Whether this world is the realm of faeries, angels, demons, aliens, or other inter-dimensional entities, it holds within it a plethora of data, experience and knowledge. To unlock this information one must detach oneself from the ego and escape into the chaos. Shamans channel animal spirits and eat entheogens to gain access to the unknown. They come back transformed, having cultivated a new bond and becoming part of the void.

My art is a vessel to this world between worlds. It is not a portrayal, but rather a vehicle allowing one to experience the escape of this reality, harness their inner spirits and morph into one persona after another. The subject matter invokes certain characteristics, allowing the viewer to read the meta-data encoded within the electric designs and better

 understand the mysteries that lie beyond normal perception. The more that one travels through this arcane knowledge, the more the ego is dissolved. The lesser the ego the greater the connection to the zeitgeist of the collective consciousness. Once we can traverse the shadows of the ethereal realms we can recreate ourselves into new manifestations, and walk again in the light.


John Gay Bio:


I am a freelance visionary artist working in a few different mediums. I'm alway looking to learn more about the crafts I work with. I love to paint and work with charcoal and chalk pastels. I listen to music when I make art and I am very much inspired by sound and how it effects the mind. It's always helped me invision what I wanted to put on paper. I now am very deep in the music festival scene and get most of my inspiration through attending and live painting. I never knew exactly what my goals were but I knew I had a dream and when you always reach for your dream, you will always achieve your goals! Don't give up!



Andy Reed Bio:



Andy Reed (Infinite Geometry) is an artist whose visual alchemy captures a visionary journey through music into inter-dimensional landscapes -- with prismatic colors, geometric shapes, and an ancient glyphic light-language amongst organic and terrestrial conceptions. Originally from northern New Jersey (but now living in Asheville, NC), his work represents the energy of another realm, making you feel as though you are peering into another galaxy and understanding that there is a possibility for life outside that of which we are familiar.


Andy has had the privilege during his live painting career to co-create alongside an extensive amount of notable bands and DJs. Some of them include Amon Tobin, Tipper, Orbital, Nas, Santigold, Primus, STS9, Heyoka, Eoto, Bonobo, SBTRKT, Random Rab, Mark Farina, The Human Experience, Bela Fleck, Particle, Lotus, The Glitch Mob, Androcell, Entheogenic, Gaudi, Pretty Lights, Gift Of Gab, Eskmo, Kaminanda, The New Deal, Beats Antique, Ott, Thievery Corporation, Two Fresh, Big Gigantic, Shpongle, Bluetech, Invisible Allies, Mimosa, Conspirator, Ana Sia, Eliot Lipp, Nasty Nasty, Bird Of Prey, Anahata Sound, Mochipet, Vibesquad, Kilowatts, Flying Lotus, Emancipator, Pnuma Trio, Skytree, Welder, & Phutureprimitive, as well as a vast number of other notable talent. Andy is also the continual live painter for Papadosio, The Malah, & Zoogma, often touring with these bands on the road, painting at multiple shows and festivals throughout the year. 


He has had the opportunity to work on collaborations with Amanda Sage, Chris Dyer, Roman Villagrana, Michael & Violet Divine, Justin Totemical (Ascenional), Randal Roberts, Morgan Mandala, George Atherton (GeoGlyphiks), Krystle Smith (Krystleyez), Olivia Curry, Michael Garfield, Kevin Odenedo, Todd Sheppard (Tourmaline Todd), Allie Pristas, Emily Kell, Stephen Wells, Christian Jaxtheimer, Andrew Dickson Wagner, Graham Thomas, Kevin Vigil, Greg Hitt, Alice Steinkraus, Clayton Wilson, Omar Chow, Melissa Leigh (Sweet Melis), ChelseaLyn Graeber, & Mackenzie Page. 


This past year (2012) his work was featured during the 'Rising' exhibit at the Blackfaun Art Gallery in Eureka, CA alongside Amanda Sage, Roman Villagrana, Andrew (Android) Jones, Luke Brown, Ashely Foreman, & Meghan Oona Clifford for the month of August. His work has been included in the ~aTone~ Mayan Tonal group showing in downtown Asheville, NC at Blend Gallery & Hookah Bar, as well as for the "Natural Beauty' exhibit group show at the WE Gallery in Akron, OH. His work was displayed at Moog Fest 2011 at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in October 2011, the Tribe 13 Gallery (Ukiah, CA) for the "Emergence" exhibit in February 2011, The Circle Glass Shop & Art Gallery (West Asheville, NC) in February 2011, The Garage At Biltmore (South Asheville, NC) in March through April 2011, and at The Roland Ramos Gallery (Hoboken, NJ) in May 2011.


2012 starts another incredible year of live painting in Andy's festival endeavors. He has the extreme pleasure of being an official artist at Symbiosis Pyramid Eclipse Festival (NV), Rootwire Music & Arts Festival (OH), Sonic Bloom Music & Arts Festival (CO), The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival (OH), Wakarusa Music & Arts Festival (AR), Impulse Music & Arts Festival (GA), Gnarnia Music & Arts Festival (NC), Moogfest (NC), 3 Days Of Light (NC), Aura Music & Arts Festival (FL), Hyperion Music & Arts Festival (IN) & The Purple Hatter's Ball (FL). In 2011, he was selected to be one of the official painters at Wakarusa Music & Arts Festival (AR), Moog Fest (NC), Electric Forest Music & Art Festival (MI), Blackwater Music Festival (FL), Bear Creek Music Festival (FL), Art Outside Festival (TX), Rootwire Music & Arts Festival (OH), The Werk Out Music Festival (OH), Jamz Island Music & Arts Festival (SC), Jam At The Grove 5 (PA), Pink Moon 3 (WV), & Camp Barefoot 5 (WV). Andy had the opportunity to paint live in 2010 at Rootwire Music & Arts Festival (OH), Bonnaroo Music Festival (TN), Dexfest Music Festival (TN), Sonic Bloom (CO), The Get Down Music Festival (NC) & The Werk Out Music Festival (OH).


Artist Statement:


I aspire to inspire and be inspired. Intuitively I am on this path, manifesting what I need when the time is right, co-creating and bridging the gap of humanity with the divine, while helping to evolve and raise the collective vibration to its highest potential. We are all eternally blessed to be sharing space on this planet at this given moment. The future is ours to create, follow your bliss.